DANCE with STINA centres around holistic movement experiences for adults, I delve into the rich tapestry of African and diasporic dance styles, with a focus on connecting to the spiritual aspect of movement and finding inner harmony. 

Experience the joy of spiritual movement with me. Dive into wholesome sessions that explore self-love through dance. From heart dancing rooted in expression to the freedom of movement, my offerings encompass various styles such as contemporary, afro Cuban, hip-hop, afro-beats, jazz, and more. But beyond the styles, my essence lies in guiding you to dance from the heart, where your spirit feels at home. In these wholesome sessions, you'll be spiritually charged, energized, and rhythmically connected, allowing your soul to relax and fully embrace dance in its totality."

#DANCEwithSTINA Testimonials

Tais Adela (#DANCEwithSTINA Participant)

Thank you so much for such a wonderful workshop. It was such a beautiful freeing experience. To be able to try something 'new 'and just bee and allow body to feel and flow. Thank you! For all your beautiful energy and life! It's incredibly contagious and makes me want to keep going, I love it!


Andres Orozcov (#DANCEwithSTINA Participant)

I came in quiet nervous, maybe because I knew there were good dancers and that made me feel intimated. However I asked myself "why? what's the reason to feel that way" ? And I realised fear is linked to rejection. People don't like to feel vulnerable, because when you are expressing your emotions you are not performing you are being yourself and that feeling is a bit uncomfortable. We have a tendency to compare ourselves to others. We think people are doing better and that they know what they are doing. Being here I let go of things, fears. I overcame the fear of being seen the way I am. Celestina helped me a lot, her energy, her light was healing in many ways. It's ok to not know everything, it's ok to feel uncomfortable. In fact, that feeling is pure love, when we flow with it. I'd love to come to next workshop and I'll recommend to people. Thanks a lot Celestina, thanks for sharing your knowledge. You are an incredible human being.


Chantelle Michaux (#DANCEwithSTINA Participant)

Felt like a safe environment to explore self-expression and different dance styles. Hip Hop is style I feel least comfortable with but felt at ease freestyling at the end. Loved the journey from Africa to the Caribbean and to the US/UK. I FEEL FREE!!!


Phil Windever (Online Client)

Celestina is a genius, her talents in dance, spoken word and life coaching are world class. your work it simply breath taking. we are all blessed to have such great artists inspiring and creating confidence. simply unbelievable passion, energy and talent.