My name is Celestina, and my daughters name is India. Together, we’ve created Fun Dance—a joyful dance experience that blends the vibrant rhythms of Contemporary, Afrobeats, and Hip-Hop with the power of spoken word poetry.

Why Fun🌈DANCE with Celestina & INDIA?

Fun Dance is all about celebrating the joy of movement and the magic of connection. Rhythm is at the heart of what we do—whether it's the rhythm of the music, the rhythm of your heart, or the rhythm of life. When you find your rhythm, and you get your flow, then you're ready to go! It’s a place where creativity thrives and every dance step tells a story, encouraging everyone to shine.

Our Offerings

Workshops: Perfect for schools, community centres, and organizations. Our workshops are a mix of dance, music, and spoken word poetry, offering a fun and enriching experience for kids and parents alike.

Parties: Looking for a unique and exciting way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Our Fun Dance parties bring energy, music, and joy, making every celebration memorable.

Community Events: We love bringing Fun Dance to local festivals and events, sharing our passion for dance and creativity with the community.

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