From a dancers heART

Welcome to From a dancers heART where every step honours the dance of life. From the depths of a dancer's heART emerges the tree of life, each branch a testament to the blossoming and blooming of creation. Yet, society tells us we start with nothing, prompting us to seek outside ourselves for most things self-confidence, intelligence the list is endless. No Matter if you have been successful in achieving the many things on the list or not something always appears missing and that something is you THE REAL YOU! When we call of the search and begin to dance home we our acknowledging our natural essence, that which you are, which is beyond complete or love this is heART. I am pointing you back to your essence, Embrace the dance from within, let go, and watch as the heart guides, heals, and connects us to our true selves. This is more than movement; it's a revolution of authenticity and empowerment. Join me as I dance from the heART and redefine what it means to truly live.

Thank you Mooji Baba