From a dancers heART

From a dancers heART is the tree of life every creation is like a branch, sprouting, blooming, growing in its own expression. Yet all expressions are that of the heART the same, ONE:-)

The way our system is structured it tells you that you’ve come with nothing and now you have to go get it, learn it.

Self confidence, intelligence the list is endless.

A baby which you once were comes with everything they are complete!

Then conditioning teaches us bit by bit we are not, and there the journey begins in getting and attaining because you as you came is not enough!

It’s a complete delusion, a-confusion for the kids leave them as they are, more often than not they know more than the adult because the adult is stale, reliant on beliefs and past experiences the baby is FRESH!

This is Smile like a baby and it all comes from this heART of mine, From a dancers heART.

See as a society we can continue moving how we are moving or we can check ourselves. Stop blaming and start looking internally.

I gave birth to a baby in 2018 and she showed me as clear as day what we truly are. I knew it but she affirmed it. This life is to simply recognise your essence. That that is unchanging, pure, beautiful without knowing words, or meanings that’s just the play of this world but what we are is far simpler than anything that can be imagined.

In recognising this you begin to come out of the dream of rush, rush, rush, getting and attaining. The pursuit of something anything other than what is here and you begin to truly dance again!


"The dancer is alive thus your life is a dance expressing in so many different ways, we can never be cadged we are free".


Cause all of it whether one is aware or not is a search for something you are missing, something that will complete ya, allow one to rest, be happy. But that something is you, the true YOU.

Call of the search & come home💜🧡💜.