From a dancers heART

From a dancers heART can be described as the tree of life. Every creation is like a branch, sprouting, blooming, growing in so many different ways, yet all come from the same one, heART. My evolution as a dancer has led me to a very simple practice  movement heals, guides and roots me deeper to what I truly am. Without flow, relaxation there is much separation but when rooted in rhythm, in connectivity in love you can play in the dance of life. This is expressed throughout this website, in the videos I create, the vast range of projects I am apart of and the workshops I facilitate. Encouraging beings to let go and dance from here (heart). We move naturally in sessions and also explore a myriad of dance styles celebrating a range of music genres to bring your seeing to an understanding that it is all connected! The fruits bared in just one workshop are instantly recognisable. Happiness is the vibration. There is great growth and harmony amongst the group and it is just wonderful to see and share.

The way our system is structured it tells you that you’ve come with nothing and now you have to go get it, learn it.

Self confidence, intelligence the list is endless.

A baby which every human being began as is complete!

Conditioning, environment, this journey teaches us we are not. So the journey in getting and attaining becomes so very strong and one can even feel lost in it.

But what I am saying using the description Smile like a baby is that you can come home, remember your essence that which you truly are the unborn. The birth of my daughter in 2018 brought about such clarity the creation of Smile like a baby came through. The greatest appreciation and heart felt gratitude & devotion to Mooji Baba. Helping guide me home on this journeyless journey.

Love & Bless up Celestina Banjo 💜