Fun🌈DANCE with Celestina & INDIA is an interactive dance experience myself and 5 years young daughter created. We do it because we LOVE dance and music and have such fun dancing together. Fun dance is about the freedom of expression, how wonderful it feels to move the body and dance. We create online video content providing a vibrant space of learning, joy and creativity. We also workshop sessions throughout London, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Barcelona and beyond. Sharing the beauty of movement and the joy of dancing together. Blending styles like Hip hop, Contemporary, Afrobeats, Ballet and more. Our fun family dance sessions are designed to engage and inspire our younger audience. We focus on bringing out the natural creativity and confidence within each child through self-expression exercises, freestyle, choreography and performance. The music we choose reflects this, with songs that uplift, empower, and inspire children to believe in themselves and stay happy. I weave spoken word pieces into our sessions, along with singing and instrument playing, to further reinforce this positive message. Together, we've created something truly special—a unique, vibrant, and fresh experience rooted in love. We emphasize the importance of self-expression and the joy of dancing together as a family and as a community.

Fun🌈DANCE with Celestina & INDIA. Serving the well being of young children and their families through, dance, music and poetry.

Because DANCE is so much more than movement!


What people are saying about Fun DANCE


Celestina has led Fun Dance sessions for our Easter and Summer holiday clubs and summer events in East London. We always receive excellent feedback from parents, carers and children that participate in these classes. Celestina brings a unique and engaging style to encourage families to explore dance and movement representing a range of cultural dance genres.

Chantelle Michaux (Director of Mbilla Arts)


Today me and Ellis went to my friend's Afrobeats Special Workshop. It was the most fun time I've EVER had at a mum and baby group. No alcohol- just mums & loads of kids dancing, running, smiling and laughing freely. This is what Motherhood should feel like everyday! Thank you Cele. I HIGHLY recommend her workshop for parties and events. 

Sharna Louise- Allen (Fun DANCE Parent)


Dancing class with Celestina and little India was absolutely amazing, she is full of positive energy, creativity and her beautiful smile is contagious. After classes with Celestina my son really enjoy dancing everywhere. Her classes are not only excellent for the little ones but also for the parents who can relax and recharge with stretching. Highly recommended!

Anna Szlejter (Fun DANCE Parent)


Celestina, thanks for inviting us down, we loved it! Loved seeing Mya taking the day in! And her and India were adorable together 🥰!

Tameka Small (Fun DANCE Parent)


"Wherever the DANCE lies there's Happiness INSIDE"