Fun🌈DANCE with Celestina & INDIA is an interactive dance experience me and my 4 years young daughter created. It is a celebration of dance, inner beauty shinning on out, pure JOY! This is done through the sharing of spoken word, Yoga movement stories, singing and the playing of wonderful sunshine SOUL music for the little ones to move to.

Expect the vibrancy of a child's heART. Inspirational, self affirmational music and dance for the little ones and adults to enjoy. Imagine a sprinkle of Hip Hop & Trap nursery rhymes, with a taste of Walt Disney classics, mix it up with some Ballet moves, flexibility and groove. Island rhythms, Afrobeat, ABC & 123. It is like a workout for the whole family. A chance to let go, a reminder to twinkle your toes wherever you go.

Our set is geared towards early years but older children can also enjoy. Fun DANCE runs as a workshop which means you can have as many children and adults as you like participating in it. As long as you have a big enough space we can bring dance to the place! We love Festivals, Community Events, Nurseries, Art spaces etc. Just fill out the form on the next page & I'll be in touch. 

"Wherever the DANCE lies there's Happiness INSIDE"