Banjo WeArZ


The magic of STyLe has sat inside this heART from a very young age. I can remember going on regular shopping trips to an abundance of high street stores such as Tammy Girl with my Foster Mum. Enjoying the whole process of trying things on, purchasing a wealth of clothes and rockin the looks. This tied into dancing life as often me & my siblings would get dance costumes designed from scratch for competitions and festivals. This required your input & taste. The pieces where a manifestation of your character & style, the designs were so imaginative, bright, poppin with gems, rhinestones and Swarvoski crystals anything was possible I loved this! For sure there were many seeds being planted here which have just evolved beautifully over time.

BANJO WeArZ pays homage to sTyLe shining light on African fashion because I have never seen such sTyLe as I did when I touched down in Nigeria. The majority of the population is poppin in colours, dancing with life through the garms they wear and design from scrath and it has nothing to do with money. It is beyond dope it is home! There is a strong gravation towards changing the narrative around fashion. Hence I speak on and create from a place of sTyLe as everyone's sTyLe is unique to them and BANJO WeArZ is communicating this. STyLe is not about how much money you have, fashion is often connected to this. STyLe is what is inside of you understanding this and bringing it out through the apparel you wear. I source looks through imagination, artists that inspire me, historical content. Then sketch the pieces, create look books and choose materials. The pieces are then brought to life and shipped to the UK. I also move as a buyer. Sourcing most of my pieces from London Warehouses. I choose clothing that celebrates the messaging of BANJO WeArZ and further adds depth to our offerings.

BANJO WeArz inspired by india SHINE can be seen as a clothing sphere, a sphere because it’s like the sun pure light, connected to everything & unending like our true nature. STyLe is your heART dancing! Fore it is no one thing, it is more of the richness of the human beings experiences shared and lived manifesting as apparel.   

To share is a beautiful thing and to do it with some style