Banjo WeArZ


So I often find myself putting pieces of clothing together, having so many cool ideas for each room we occupy in our home. Arranging picture displays in funky ways, customising buggy’s and generally styling & designing things for myself and others.

But it’s all so natural it’s been this way since very young. It has evolved some what & honestly it’s not even noticed because it’s such joy and feels like home. But in August 2020 I was travelling to a laundrette with the baby a buggy & suitcase and a kind lady offered to carry the suitcase, a little while after I saw her again and she said “Are you a designer.”

Something about it stuck with me as I never looked at it like that & labels do not interest me, but something about designer felt right.

Something about the celebration of style across the board is what this is all about, because fashion is so limiting and on trend. This inside is an extension of one’s heART!

Banjo WeArz inspired by india SHINE can be seen as a clothing sphere, a sphere because it’s like the sun pure light, connected to everything & unending like our true nature.

We shine light on the magic of style, "fashion" is overrated but style is your heART dancing! As an honouring and base Banjo Wearz draws greatly from African fashion, showcasing a worldly universal outlook on style. Fore it is no one thing & it is more of the richness of the human beings experiences shared and lived manifesting as apparel.   

To share is a beautiful thing and to do it with some style WELL IT’S JUST HOW WE ROLL!