inspired by India SHINE 


Style isn't just what you wear, it's how you move. Celebrating the essence of expression through apparel. Join us in our journey of vibrant style for children and adults alike, inspired by Africa and beyond. This is a style sphere that embodies a deeper essence transcending mere fashion to resonate with the very essence of human existence.

The magic of STyLe has sat inside this heART from a very young age. I can remember going on regular shopping trips to an abundance of high street stores such as Tammy Girl with my Mum. Enjoying the whole process of trying things on, purchasing a wealth of clothes and rockin the looks. This tied into dancing life as often me & my siblings would get dance costumes designed from scratch for competitions and festivals. This required your input & taste. The pieces where a manifestation of your character & style, the designs were so imaginative, bright, poppin with gems, rhinestones and Swarovski crystals anything was possible I loved this! For sure there were many seeds being planted here which have just evolved beautifully over time.

When I journeyed back to my home country of Nigeria for the 1st time I was inspired by the vibrant style of the people. The cuts and colors they wear contribute to the lively, vibrant, warm atmosphere of the country. Tailors are plentiful and highly regarded, and fashion is understood not through study, but through lived experiences. This is what I define as true style. STyLe is not about how much money you have, fashion is often connected to this. STyLe is what is inside of you understanding this and bringing it out in all that you do".

To share is a beautiful thing and to do it with some style.