Smile like a baby came to me shortly after giving birth. It came in the form of poetry, writing was combusting out of me. Spoken word is something I have loved listening to for sometime, it was never really something I wanted to do. I just enjoyed the honesty, the riddim the truth.

I went to my home of Nigeria in 2017 for the first time, it set the heART on fire. The style/ fashion, dance in particular was what I live for! The long bus journeys and day to day hussle began to release such space inside of me I found I could not stop writing. Spoken word often comes through me when there is something immediate to say, a recognition. The words begin to float out and I have to quickly write them down, that is pretty much how every poem comes into fruition.

Smile like a baby the ALBUM is something I feel is very special and necessary, especially for first time mamaz. If we move more in align with our heART's and not the constant pressures and expectations put upon us in this world it will be of great benefit not only to you but the child that has come through you. This is a society that speaks of change often, but with no intention of addressing the immediate change which is within own beings. Find the time to rest inside, to contemplate as Mooji would say and recognise the unborn. Because that unborn is what you truly are, that baby essence. And if this is the energy we transmit into the world then for sure our presence will be nothing but a blessing to this planet.